Father-To-Be Tries To Burst A Balloon For The Gender Reveal, But Then It Starts Floating Away!

This is the biggest gender reveal fail we’ve ever seen

Gender revealing is a pretty celebrated and common practice that has been gaining traction on the internet lately, with the most creative videos getting the most views. The objective is to reveal the gender of your coming baby to your loved ones in the most creative way possible. Cakes, colors, balloons, and powders usually figure into the plan one way or another.


The aspiring father in the video below decided to tie a balloon into a lacrosse net and fling the ball at it, thereby popping it to reveal the gender of the baby inside. Things, however, don’t go as anticipated as you’ll soon see in the video. Sean, the aspiring dad, gets ready to take his first shot as his family and friends record him. His first attempt does not result in cheers and merriment though, as he fails to draw contact.

Sean has a few more balls and now, slightly under pressure, he takes his second shot. The balloon refuses to budge though, and Sean walks back dejectedly for a third try. A yell of ‘Change plays’ is heard as Sean settles in.

He uses all of his force for the third try and the ball smacks the balloon with considerable force, but the balloon remains unbroken. There is a quiet silence in the aftermath and the balloon, without warning starts floating upwards. Sean makes maybe the first positive contribution of the day as he catches up to it.

Suffice it to say, Sean did not get to have his moment but his wife Kristen has a trick up her sleeve as they do an alternative gender reveal.

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