Family's Stunning Light Display Pays Tribute To Fallen Soldiers, But Song Choice Is What Really Has People Talking

You’ll never guess but it’s totally obvious.

He decided to hang a few decorations; well, maybe more than a few. Paying homage to the brave souls that served their country, Mr. Whitis created possibly the most epic Christmas light display the world has ever seen.


The Tallahassee, Florida resident spent hours hanging hundreds of sparkling lights, hammering and climbing his snow-covered roof. His finished work of art? Simply stunning. The genius decorator even programmed the lights to sparkle at the beat of his very favorite patriotic tune.

His creative work quickly drew some attention, including Good Morning America! Upon viewing Mr. Whitis’ incredible, dual purpose display, the famous daytime TV show named him the winner of the “Our Lights Are Better Than Your Lights” competition. He definitely earned it.

More importantly, the decorations served a larger purpose. They helped raise funds for the Semper Fi organization, a nonprofit caring for injured soldiers and critically ill veterans. Soldiers who heard and saw the Whitis’ kind words were deeply touched.

To the former, the current, and the fallen soldiers of the U.S. military, thank you for your sacrifice and your service … It doesn’t go unnoticed.

See what everyone’s been talking about in the patriotic tribute below!