Family Poses for Christmas Photo, Only to Have Most Unlikely Family Member Ruin the Shot!

Take a closer look to find out how!

It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to create the perfect family photo! Especially if there are 18 of you!

Undoubtedly, someone is likely to blink, yawn or attempt to say something just as the camera’s shutter goes off!

This family tried to get a memorable holiday shot of everyone, only to have the most unlikely member of the party completely ruin the shot!

Almost everyone had posed and smiled through the word ‘cheese!’ when something just went wrong.

Can you see what it is?

They’re all ready for their Christmas photo, but the little girl in the blue dress notices that something is off!


Still don’t see it? Look a little closer …


Yep, it’s the family dog posing for the camera — mid-poop.


Apparently, the family just laughed it off and posted the shot on social media anyway!


Some people didn’t find it so funny though and even accused the family of photobombing the dog!

It turns out, however, that this dog isn’t the first to ruin a family photo!

Just like the Christmas dog above, this cute guy couldn’t help himself during his own family photoshoot.


Then, we have this dog. He knew what to do in front of a camera! Just smile!


And this is the way yet another dog got caught in the frame!


As funny as they are, arguably nothing beats the dog at the top!

Maybe, and only maybe, there will be a new champion in next year’s crop of Christmas photos!

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