Family Is Reunited with Dog After 17 Months

It was April Fools Day, was it a cruel prank?

Wesley, the Cruz family’s beloved golden retriever, went missing only a few short days before Superstorm Sandy back in 2012.


Miguel and Myra Cruz had to break the sad news to their son that Wesley had not likely survived the storm. Regardless, the family looked for their dog after the storm had passed, but found nothing.

Then, almost 17 months later, something incredible happened.

Funnily enough, the couple received a call on April Fools’ Day. The call was from a police department several hours away saying that Wesley had been found!

Understandably, the family was a little skeptical that their dog had been found. It had been over a year since Wesley had gone missing and it was of course, April Fool’s Day. The family assumed that the caller was playing a cruel joke on them.

The police assured the Cruz family that they were not joking. A local resident had found Wesley and contacted animal control. After examining the embedded chip in Wesley’s ear, the police were able to contact the Cruz family about their lost dog.

As skeptical as they were considering it was April Fool’s Day, the family soon left to get Wesley back!

When they arrived at the station, an officer walked through a red door, led by an excited Wesley. Just the sight of his family after not seeing them for 17 months made him go nuts.

When the family arrived at the station, they saw an officer being dragged through a door by an excited Wesley. He was going nuts!

Even though the family had given up hope, Wesley found his way home!

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