Family Hears Tiny Meows, Finds Four Adorable Kittens Under the Christmas Tree!

Talk about a Christmas surprise!

When Danielle Lopez, 17, found stray cat Tink, she was in terrible shape and needed care desperately…


Lopez said: “If we didn’t take her home she would have died, she was all bones.”

Thankfully, Lopez and her family were there to help her get back on her feet and to full health, with her growing up to be a healthy and strong cat.

Now that she’s all big and grown, she thought it would be nice to leave her owners a fuzzy present under the Christmas tree.

Tink thought it would be a great place to give birth to her kittens in a hidden spot under the tree.

Lopez found the cat one morning, and was shocked to see what she found. She said: “I heard a soft meow and thought it was our other kitty, and then saw the firstborn crying.”

Under the watchful eye of Lopez, Tink delivered three more kittens into the world under the tree, and Lopez and her family decided to keep them all.

Twitter / Danielle

Tink was abandoned by her litter when she was found by Danielle, she was malnourished and terribly weak. It’s most likely the case that would not have survived if it wasn’t for Danielle finding her.

Twitter / Danielle

Thankfully, the Lopez family offered her a great home to live in and stay a happy and healthy cat forever.

Twitter / Danielle

Here, she’s all grown up and healthy!

Twitter / Danielle

Mating with their other cat, Sagwa, they were able to start a little family of their own.

Twitter / Danielle

One day when Danielle woke up, she found Tink under the tree giving birth.

She says: “I was in shock, I started running around the house to lock up [Sagwa] and grab towels to help her.”

It was smart of her to keep Sagwa away as male cats have been known to be aggressive when around kittens.

Twitter / Danielle

Tink gave birth to four adorable kittens in total. They called them, Noel, Christmas, Faith and Joy.

Twitter / Danielle

Danielle took to Twitter to share pictures of the new addition to her family with people all over the world reacting.

Twitter / Danielle

The new family was moved from under the tree to a basket filled with blankets so that they could be more comfortable. With all the kittens healthy and feeding from their mother, they were now a complete and happy family!

Twitter / Danielle

They’re all still small kittens attached to their mother, but it won’t be long before they’re up running about and causing all kinds of adorable mayhem.

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