Family Ate Five Fast Food Meals A Week, But Now They're Cooking Healthily Thanks To Rachael Ray

A health scare was the trigger these folks needed to change their habits

As many busy families know, cooking a healthy dinner for the family every night can be a real challenge. But, when a health scare looms, there is no better motive to get back in the kitchen! 


It’s never been easier to have food delivered to your door, but most of those easy options are filled with unnecessary calories.

The Wormeck family of New Jersey, had become so used to ordering out, their habit had accumulated to five nights a week! Their list of menus began to outweigh the contents of their pantry.

Eventually their bad habits caught up with them and Dad ended up in hospital with a health scare. The trigger had definitely been food, but it was also going to be his cure.

Inevitably, Rachael Ray heard about their unhealthy dinner habits and decided to step in.

Armed with a kitchen full of ingredients and numerous books from her cooking range, Rachael challenged the Wormeck’s to cook dinner 24 out of 28 nights that month.

With the family’s busy schedule, they knew it wouldn’t be easy. But, young daughters Penny and Lucy got involved in the kitchen and started choosing their own recipes and liking new foods.

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