Family Adopts A Starving Ethiopian Orphan. 2 Years Later, He Looks Way Different.

These parents made a big difference to this boy’s life

Adoption is a wonderful thing. No child deserves to live without a family, and it’s always heartwarming to hear stories of kids who have found new homes. This story is a particularly special one.


A couple of years ago, a family from Birmingham, Alabama, decided to adopt a child from an Ethiopian orphanage.

The process wasn’t easy, but Liza and Chris Kinsley wanted to make a difference to one little boy, whom they later named Haven. Haven had been abandoned and left to die as a baby. He was found in a terrible state, but was luckily taken to an orphanage and given a chance to live.

Liza and Chris worked with Lifeline Children’s Services to make their dream come true. They travelled over to Ethiopia and met Haven for the first time. After holding him in her arms, Liza knew that this boy was supposed to be a part of her family.


“It was overwhelming. I remember the first time that the nanny at the orphanage placed him in my arms. It was the same feeling you get when they place your baby in your arms that you give birth to,” said Liza.

The couple signed the paperwork but then had to leave Haven and come home. The adoption processed can be lengthy, but it’s always worth it in the end. After what seemed like an eternity, Haven finally arrived in the United States.

Two years on, Haven is looking much better than before. What was once a skinny, malnourished baby is now a smiling, chubby child. He has fitted into the family perfectly and gets on well with his new brothers and sisters.


“We trust that if nothing else, God was watching out for him to make sure he was located or found and able to be brought to us,” Chris said.

So many children have to live in difficult conditions, without families and homes of their own. This story shows that, thanks to adoption, at least some of those kids can have happy endings to their stories.

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