Facial Evolution Is No Walk In The Park

This is fascinating

When a child goes missing, you don’t know how long it will be until they are reunited with their parents. So some smart folks created an app that can closely predict the advancement of facial features of a human face, based on a juvenile photograph. From just one photograph, the application ascertains a person’s facial cuts and proportions.

A few folks on reddit decided to put the app to the test, using old photos of when they were kids and comparing the results to real-life photos.

Which is which?

The app randomly goes through a number of photographs of the same child and that’s how it determines the features closely. The next task is to reproduce the exact features after applying corresponding age factors to it. Once it’s done with the task, it actually looks like it could be a real face.

University of Washington

The shots can come out a bit artificial, and non-human.

Plus, the younger the child, the harder it becomes for the app to help you out with facial feature determination.

reddit | WhySoSadCZ

While the previous two photos seem reasonably close to the person they’re depicting, the more baby-ish the child is, the more difficult it becomes for the app to help.

reddit | WhySoSadCZ

While the previous two photos seem reasonably close to the person they’re depicting, this one seems off the mark because they only had baby pictures to work with.

reddit | WhySoSadCZ

Sometimes the image can seem more angular than the face actually is.

Add that to a change in hair color and the difficulty increases when trying to identify a missing person.

These outcomes are striking, but you can see the variance.

The original poster noted that the photoshop shows more of her Filipino heritage than her adult face does.

reddit | WhySoSadCZ

Unlike the other images, the age progression is on the left in this picture.

The original poster was very impressed with the attempt, but once again it seems you have to get the face shape right or it looks like a totally different person.

reddit | gigglewatt8383 reddit | not_so_plausible reddit | gigglewatt8383

Since this challenge is so young, not every poster has shown their actual face yet.

reddit | NotForYouHiggins reddit | TaylorTinyTott

Then there’s this scary person.

reddit | mickyp906 reddit | slipperyjim8

This image also shows some impressive talent, but apparently it doesn’t really look like the guy.

reddit | TheSeattleWeeaboo reddit | flailing_uterus

Somewhat real?

reddit | Yuskie reddit | NvllPointer reddit | Yuskie

Here, the age-progressed image seems like it could be a real face.

reddit | crossmyheart93 reddit | Sinkchain

Some features even match this person’s actual face, but the shape difference seems to throw the whole image out of whack.

reddit | kirkom reddit | dinosour reddit | kirkom


reddit | Zanki

This redditor’s work sort of matches the doll-like quality you see in the software’s images.

reddit | theniwokesoftly reddit | -lazuli

It also seems to get the nose right, but that’s about it.

reddit | tommy_cinco reddit | -lazuli

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