Expert Author Claims "Terrible Parenting" Is To Blame For Millennials' Generational Gap

Millennials, listen up! Apparently, it’s not your fault.

Renowned author and expert consultant Simon Sinek is putting an end to all the rumors with a very outrageous claim. His belief that entitled, tech-addicted, impatiently aggressive millennials are a product of their environment (or, to put it bluntly, the results of their own parents) is making waves around the world. How is the public reacting to this information? Let’s find out. 


“The lazy, silver-spoon generation” born after 1984, as Sinek puts it, has created a rather noticeable generational gap in society. While it’s no secret those individuals have been labeled narcissistic, hard to manage, and instant-result-seeking youngsters, Millennials are defined by an additional set of characteristics in Sinek’s newest commentary.

Sharing his opinion as to how Millennials developed such a unique concept in life, the expert deems moms and dads responsible. More specifically, Sinek pinpoints over-indulgent and tolerant parenting techniques as the source.

In the short video clip below, the author goes on to prove his point, referencing the insurmountable number of awards and ‘participation’ ribbons Millennials were given as children. According to Sinek, this practice only perpetuated a false sense of accomplishment in the young boys and girls. Honestly, the man might be onto something.

Further into the discussion, Sinek dives deeper into the cause and effect of the ‘erroneous parenting styles’ of the 1984 and younger Millennials. We don’t want to give too much away, but his main pillars of evidence center around technology, patience, and the nurture vs. nature argument.

“There’s a missing piece,” Sinek says.

Could he be right? See for yourself in the informative clip below!

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