Expecting Mother Cries After Balloon Store Destroys Gender Reveal Surprise, Until Husband Finds Note In The Box

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Well they certainly found the silver lining!


As any expectant parents would be, Joe and Leela Krummel were ecstatic for the gender-reveal bash that they were about to hold. Thirty of their favourite friends and members of their family headed over to the backyard where they planned to release balloons from a colorful box.

The couple did not know what colors to expect at all in what was to be a surprise reveal, but it would be between pink and blue. The parents went to a party store with the doctor’s note that had the gender written on it, and were assured the staff of the story would handle the surprise in secrecy and with the utmost professionalism.

After all of that, imagine how shocked Joe and Leela were when they saw that the balloons in the box were all multi-colored! Oops!

In the YouTube video, Leela got so emotional and upset that she was on the verge of tears! You can even see the transition from sad to enraged. They thought the surprise that they and all their family and friends was a complete failure.

They soon discovered that hidden at the bottom of the decorated box was the envelope that contained the gender of the baby. The staff must have left it there by accident, ruining their big day.  What a mess-up! The parents didn’t get the reveal they wanted at all.

“When they found it, and discovered in an anti-climactic manner they would be expecting a boy, a few close friends grabbed spare party decorations and re-made the gender reveal display,” reported Inside Edition. “Fifteen minutes later, the Krummels were all set up with a corrected box that opened up to reveal their baby’s gender.”

Watch below:

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  1. Someone did that on purpose to make a point that it didn’t matter what sex the baby was as it could be either or or both and. That’s the reason for the rainbow balloons. Very innapropriate for the store to make a statement like that at their expense. Intolerance and pushing agendas goes both ways.