Ex-Boyfriend Returns To Single Mother's Life To Help Raise The World's Only Deaf-Blind Triplets

Liz Dunn felt helpless by the time her disabled triplets turned 4, until her ex spontaneously arrived back in her life after 14 years apart

17 years ago, Liz Dunn gave birth to identical triplet girls. 

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She was already a single mother to three-year-old Sarah, and her newborns were born at just 24 weeks pregnant – Liz knew that she had a tough journey ahead of her. Zoe, Sophie, and Emma collectively weighted no more than four pounds when they were born on April 30, 2000.

Despite their miraculous survival, the girls developed ototoxicity, caused by the antibiotics they were given in hospital. Then, four months later, doctors informed Liz that her triplets were blind, and two years later, she found out they were deaf too.

Zoe, Sophie, and Emma are the only known deaf-blind triplets in the world.

For Liz, there was nothing easy about raising her daughters, and very quickly she started to struggle. She didn’t feel she was capable of providing her children a healthy and happy life on her own any longer – but she had no idea what she could possibly do.

That’s when an old flame stumbled back into her life – seemingly at the perfect time.

The triplets had just turned four when Liz ran into George, her college boyfriend whom she had not seen in 14 years. They got to chatting, and while reacquainting George learnt about Liz’s situation. While Liz feared George would do what most would – and steer away from the hazard – he did the exact opposite. George and Liz rekindled their love, and soon married. The girls’ stepdad could not have been more caring and nurturing than George, who committed himself fully to the tough task of helping to raise a struggling but loving family.

Perhaps it was fate, or some kind of miracle, but we’re so happy George and Liz were in the right place at the right time!