Everyday Geniuses Hiding Among Us

Their genius is all around you!

Let’s admit it, life is complex. It throws so many weird obstacles at you that sometimes you just want to give up and stay at home. These people, however, take such obstacles as a challenge. But what’s amazing are the solutions they come up with. Their mix of genius and subtlety gives the rest of us some amazing things!

This kid has too much potential!

Imgur | IAmNotEntertained

Stepping over a problem the best way.

Reddit | emmastoneftw

Best employee ever!

Reddit | TorrinSilverclaw

Family photos on a budget!

Imgur | FairWestApparel

Office hacks.

Reddit | renerdrat

The master of saving the situation.


Subtle genius!


“I don’t see your name on it.”

“My face is on it!”

Reddit | jew3lr0se


Reddit | alexdelamuerte

When the gardeners don’t have a ladder.


“We couldn’t find any with 25.”

Reddit | saffron-rice

Dispel the need for bowls.

Reddit | anonymeowz



Winning as an artist!

Reddit | Sundavar_Dreki

Come at me bro!

Reddit | [deleted]

Nailing them to the ground!

Reddit | viralcar

No more lonely pets!


Hunger brings out the best in you…

Imgur | hiimmistermeeseekslookatme

Making use of their love for playing fetch.

Reddit | Djangosmangos

This only works on small dogs, mind you!


Why is the lighter there…

Imgur | WullieBlake

I’ve actually thought of doing this myself!

Reddit | rp2012-blackthisout

He’s not getting through those cuffs, that slippery devil.

Reddit | GreyNietzsche

Life 101.

Reddit | Death_Machine_

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