Epic Examples Of Epic Fails


Everyone makes mistakes, but here are some of the biggest fails you’ll ever see!

1. Something is missing.

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2. Someone help her!

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3. It never turns out the way you hope.

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4. You’re doing yoga wrong.

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5. I love this.

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6. Looking good.

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7. The box lies.

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8. “We made it past the sign! Let’s flip the car!”

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9. Pretty much the same.

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10. Inspirational.

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11. But are there stairs and elevators? How about terminals?

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12. Genius.

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13. Why?

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14. Oh Tink, you really let yourself go.

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15. He prefers abstract art.

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16. He nailed it.

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17. Clearly.

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18. This doesn’t look like any spaghetti I’ve ever eaten.

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19. Yep, any potential thieves will never spot that.

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20. Work in progress.

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21. Maybe just try jumping over a rock next time.

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22. Sweet dreams.

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23. Paradox. Paradox!!

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24. Those poor flowers must be so stressed out.

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