Ellen’s Receptionist Calls Her Up In The Middle Of A Show To Talk About Audience Member

What a powerful moment!

In 2016, Ellen was in the middle of shooting her show when she got a very important call.


Ellen’s receptionist had made the call to notify her that a member of the current audience had sent a very moving letter for her. The reception deemed it prudent that she recite the letter to Ellen, at that very instant on the phone.

The call was on speaker and audience member Kim soon found out that it was her letter being read out loud. Sitting beside her mother, Becky, Kim started to cry, as did Becky.

A mutual love of Ellen is not the only thing Becky and Kim have in common, as the duo battled separate cancers together.

Ellen’s show helped them bring some semblance of positivity and joy in their lives; watching it made them feel better, despite the draining chemotherapy they had to go through. Kim, however, had another bout of bad luck and was facing another health related challenge.

Ellen hung up the phone after hearing the message and called Kim and Becky to the stage. The surprise that awaited them is not something you want to miss.

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