Dying Husband And Wife Say Goodbye To Each Other, But Then Something Amazing Happens

Nobody could have predicted this

True love isn’t something you come across often in your lifetime. When you do, it’s important to cherish it. Such was the case with Susan and Jerry Stros. In the midst of a marriage that had already spanned over a half decade (51 years to be exact), the couple received devastating news.


Susan had something called small cell carcinoma, which is a rare form of cancer. It had progressed a lot and was at stage 4.

Unfortunately for her, she was now a terminal patient. In the very same week, Jerry had a seizure that caused him to fall and injure his back.

Testing revealed that he was also suffering from the same disease his wife was.

Knowing they were to be separated soon, as Jerry needed treatment and Susan had to go home for hospice car, the couple said their goodbyes. They knew the odds of both of them surviving were slim.

After one week – which was the longest time the couple had spent apart, by the way – Jerry returned home to find his wife still breathing.

In the heartwarming video, Susan stands up by herself and walks over to her husband, something her condition had prevented her from doing the previous week.

The whole scene is too much for most family members and there’s not a dry eye in the house.

Even though they have a quickly expiring time window, the family takes solace in the fact that Jerry and Susan will spend their last moments with the ones they love.

Their story is about finding love and holding on to it, for as long as you can.

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