Driver Sees Man Walk 21 Miles Every Day To Get To Work, Decides To Change His Life

With the help from a few new friends, this man’s commute got a whole lot easier!

On his way to work, Blake Pollack would see the same man walking along the same stretch of road, every single day. One day, Blake decided to pull over and ask the man where he was going. The answer was unbelievable! 


The man’s name was James Robertson and he was walking to work. Walking a staggering 21 miles there and back because his car had broken down 10 years before. Upon hearing about this incredible commute, Blake promised that he would give James a ride whenever he could.

For well over a year, Blake lived up to his promise and gave James 50 or so rides to work and back. However, for Blake, it didn’t feel enough. He admired James’ work ethic and how he was willing to endure the bitter Detroit winter to get there.

So, Blake informed some of the local news outlets about James and his story. The story spread like wildfire as the public responded to James and his amazing endurance. Upon reading one of these news stories, college student Evan Leedy decided to get involved.

He noticed that in the comments section of the articles about James, many people were offering to donate money for him to buy a car but there was no official avenue for the funds. That’s when Evan decided to set up a GoFundMe page where people could donate money.

While the intention was to raise $5,000 or so for a second hand car that would do the job, the public had bigger and better plans.

Watch this tear-jerking clip to see how much money was raised, and how a giant dealership also decided to help!

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