Donald Trump Says No Politician Has Ever Been Treated As Unfairly As Him

President attempts to divert criticism by blaming the media

There hasn’t been a politician in the history of the United States who has been treated as unfairly as Donald Trump, according to the President. Donald has been struggling under the intense criticism and controversies his administration has been plagued with since the beginning of his election. 

In a speech to the Coast Guard Academy, the President pointed to the way he has been portrayed in the media, and Donald said he had been treated worse or more unfairly than anyone else.

Trump, while talking to the Coast Guard graduates, said a person shouldn’t let others bring you down, and that is why he won.

Paul Ryan, the oldest Republican in Congress and also the Speaker of the House, said he still has confidence amid the controversies that have been spread throughout the airwaves in the past few weeks.

If the allegations against Trump are true, Justin Amash, who is a conservative from Michigan, said the president could be impeached.

Paul warned that the public and officials shouldn’t rush to conclusions amid the accusations. Trump had reportedly asked former FBI Director Comey to stop the investigation into his election campaign shortly after highly classified information was allegedly revealed to the Russians during a meeting with foreign officials.

Ryan told reporters their job is to obtain the facts. He went on to say the lawmakers would remain “sober” in their investigation into the truth of the matter.

After the meeting of the House members, Justin Amash said Trump would be impeached if he asked James Comey to stop the investigation into the election, which was allegedly affected by Russian intelligence.

Other officials have refused to say whether or not he would be impeached if it turned out it was true that he tried to stop James from investigating him.

Senator Diane Feinstein said she had experienced an impeachment trial and it does more harm than good, so officials should proceed with caution.

Adam Kinzinger, who is a Republican, said maybe it was time to conduct an independent investigation between Trump’s team and Russia, and he said he was certainly open to one.

House Democrats are planning to force a vote on a bill that would create an independent commission designed specifically to investigate Russian interference into the presidential election.

Mitch McConnell, who serves as the Republican Senate Majority leader, said it is time for Comey to testify publicly on the matter.

The Senate will be briefed tomorrow regarding the termination of Comey’s employment by Rod Rosenstein, who serves as the deputy attorney general.

John McCain, who frequently criticizes Trump, said the scandals at this point had reached the size and scope of the infamous Watergate scandal with Richard Nixon.

During Trump’s speech in Connecticut, Trump claimed his administration was currently in the process of delivering domestic promises, tax reform, reform regarding the healthcare system and the border wall dividing Mexico and the United States.

Trump said they are currently working on plans and preparations and they are going very well. He said there would be significant tax cuts for everyone and he is glad the people understand what he is doing because that is the most important thing to him.