Doctors Say No Hope for Baby Born At 23 Weeks, She Proves Everyone Wrong

She is now an adorable little five-year-old!

Juniper French came into the world in April of 2011, but her life began in a terrifying manner.


Born at only the 23 week point, she merely weighed 1 pounds, 4 ounces.

Doctors called her condition “the gray zone”. They said to Juniper’s parents, Tom French and Kelley Benham, there was a surprising 80% chance the newborn would pass away or develop disabilities that would last her whole life.

Doctors continued to list off the possible illnesses and disorders she might face, such as cerebral palsy, deafness, blindness, paralysis, living with a ventilator or feeding tubes, and more.

In the first portion of the infant’s life Kelley and Tom were distraught at the thought that something might happen to her. She often stopped breathing, but fortunately would begin again.

Eventually she began gaining some strength and grew more and more. Her parents begun to hope and pray that she might pull out of it.

Now, little Juniper is 5 years old living healthier than ever! She continues to exceed expectations of her doctors, and is even keeping up socially. Of course, no long journey is without it’s consequences, and god knows she had her fair share of trauma.

Her parents continue to worry about her, although she is improving more day by day.

Will she possibly become sick again one day in the future? Doctors wouldn’t even be able to begin to answer the question. However with a little faith and her parent’s hope, and we pray that she can pull through and live a long and fulfilling life!

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