Do You Think You Can Identify The Horrifying Thing In This Picture?

It might take a while…

A picture shared on Twitter recently by a PhD student has gained attention.

A Twitter profile by the name of @SssnakeySci recently shared a normal picture of the ground, filled with branches, leaves and twigs. However, there is also a snake camouflaged in the picture, and you have to look extremely hard to find it.

The majority of the people who saw the picture were unable to locate the snake.

Did you find it yet?

Twitter / SssnakeySci

Copperhead snakes are as venomous as they are prevalent in the United States. They are aggressive in nature, so familiarizing yourself with facts about these snakes might not be the worst idea.

Copperheads aren’t the biggest snakes, measuring in at about 2-3 feet. They have distinctive patterns on their bodies, those being brownish-red or just plain brown crossbands.

Twitter / SssnakeySci

After revealing the camouflaged snake, Helen also attached a message.

“For everyone enjoying this puzzle, please remember: Snakes deserve to live just as we do. Treat them with care & respect, not hate & fear.”

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