Do You Talk To Yourself? Prepare For Vindication!

Studies find that people who talk to themselves are probably geniuses.

Have you ever been caught out talking to yourself? Well, there’s no need to apologize for your awkward behaviour anymore!


Long touted as a sign of craziness, the stigma around talking to oneself is about to change for the better. Turns out, talking to yourself is actually a sign of genius!

Studies are showing that talking to yourself can help you learn faster, process information more efficiently and boost your long term memory.

According to the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, verbal stimulation changes your perception. So, if you are talking to yourself about an object, you become more receptive to it and are far more likely to remember and find that object again.

Many other studies have come to similar conclusions. Here are four ways that science says talking to yourself is beneficial.

Brain Efficiency

In a study by Live Science, test subjects who repeated the names of objects aloud not only found them again easily, but had increased memory capabilities. Also, speaking out loud solidifies what you are doing and makes it easier for the body to understand.

Child Genius

Young children should be encouraged to vocalize their thoughts so as to make step-by-step tasks more clear. This will help them to become more proficient at following directions and procedures later in life.

Thought Organisation

Talking to yourself simply helps to de-clutter your mind. Hearing your problems, opinions or to-do-lists out loud can calm nerves and solidify your intentions instead of having ideas bouncing around in your head.

Goal Acquisition

Repeating your intention or goal out loud will help to focus your energy and attention on that thought and eliminate other distractions. Talking yourself through each step you are about to make slowly and carefully will make them all the more understandable instead of having them blend together and cause confusion. By saying your goal aloud, and hearing it, you are mentally conditioning yourself to achieve it.

So there you have it. If you are in the habit of talking to yourself, you finally have the proof that vindicates your “bizarre” habit and shows that, in fact, you might actually be a genius!

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