Do You Love Succulent Plants? Then Your Mouth Will Water At These Succulent Cake Photos

They look so perfect, you’d think they’re real!

Just by looking at the following luxurious succulent desserts, you’d think they were real plants, but these lush succulents were actually made using butter!

The talented dessert connoisseur behind these stunning creations is an artist named Ivenoven, and she’s based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“My baking passion and journey started one fine day when I was sneaking around in my godma’s house trying to look for her baking recipes”, said the artist in a post on Facebook. She began to bake for others in December of 2013, and has since grown her bakery from simply consisting of her along with her husband, to a legitimate business of a dozen wonderfully talented bakers.

The succulent terrariums were made with butter, food coloring, and powdered sugar,along with additional flavoring at times. These essential ingredients give it the velvety smooth texture you see.

If you happen to be obsessed with anything succulent, these amazing desserts will shock you! You might even consider booking your next trip to Jakarta and grabbing one or two of these amazing succulent cupcakes!

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1. Look at the detail!


2. Amazing, huh?


3. Succulent cupcakes!


4. A beautiful wreath.