Do You Know What The Lines On Your Palm Mean? Here's The Answer

What does your hand say about you?

The lines on your palm can actually say quite a bit about you. Decoding your relationships, your outlook on life, and even your personality, the heart lines are known to pick up on the details we wouldn’t necessarily see. So the question is, what does your palm say about you?


Let’s start with the basics. Taking a look at the palm of your right hand, you’ll notice three or four defined lines. What’s known as the ‘heart line’ is the indentation located at the very top of your hand (shown outlined in red in the image above).

Usually, the heart line lies underneath your middle or pointer finger and extends to the edge of your pinkie or slightly past it (everyone’s is different).

Now that you’ve figured out where it is, let’s see if your heart line knows a thing or two about you. So where does your heartline begin?

A: Begins At Your Middle Finger…

You’re the driven type. You accomplish your goals, are independent, and have the skills to make great decisions. People might refer to you as a ‘natural leader.’ Education and intellect are high priorities for you. On the other hand, emotions are not. People with this type of heartline are known to be stoic or emotionless at times (sorry!).

B: Begins Between Your Middle Finger and Index Finger…

Kind, generous, and considerate are words that could describe you. While people almost instantly trust you, you’re a bit more cautious to return the favor. You are quite skeptical when new people get involved, only because you are sensitive and vulnerable at times. Even so, you’re the kind to make decisions based on common sense and logic. See, it’s not so bad!

C: Begins At Your Index Finger…

You’re a natural caregiver and, well, you prefer it that way.You are so uplifting and reassuring that it’s pretty hard to get you down. People might call you an ‘idealist,’ or a ‘stargazer,’ and they’re not far off. You see the ‘potential’ in life, what it could be. Almost always putting others’ needs ahead of your own, you can sometimes get the reputation of being ‘co-dependant.’ Just be sure to nurture yourself as well.

D: Begins Between Your Index Finger and Thumb…

Some people might label you a ‘pleaser.’ However, you’re just a good listener! You carefully observe your surrounding, picking up on the comfort level, emotional state, and troubles of others. You try your best to look out for the underdogs in life and have good intentions no matter what you may be doing. Because you have such a tender heart, you’re known for sacrificing anything and everything to help other people. Don’t forget, you deserve some happiness too!