Do You Know The Strange Place Cashews Come From?

We highly doubt it…

Salted cashew nuts. A bar snack favourite. The ones that disappear first from the mixed bag. 

The unsalted variety are also a great protein-filled snack that doesn’t bore the taste buds.

But, do you know where they come from?

If you are like me, this question probably left you dumbfounded. Little did I know that cashew nuts actually grow on trees, out of the bottom of “cashew apples”, to be exact!

I kid you not!

Wikimedia / Vicki Nunn

Unlike many other nut varieties, cashews grow out the bottom of a fruit called a “cashew apple”, just like below.

Wikimedia / Abhishek Jacob

The apple itself is known as an “accessory fruit” because it’s not the part humans actually like to eat.

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