Do You Have A Mole In One Of These 7 Locations? Find Out What It Means Here!

They might be saying more about you than you think!

Many believe that birthmarks can be very telling about a person’s psyche and his attributes. Others don’t. Regardless, if you’re even slightly curious to know what they mean, or may be perceived as meaning, here are seven spots that reveal personality traits if you have a mole on them.

1. Below your eyebrow.

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If you have a mole in this spot, it can mean that you are versatile when it comes to adapting yourself to new situations or surroundings. It also speaks to your way with people and can mean that you are perceived as trustworthy.

2. At the temple.

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A mole on this spot means that the prospect of traveling is something you encounter often. You get plenty of opportunities to travel, both for work and pleasure.

3. Just above the nose bridge.

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A mole in this position might say that you will have a relatively successful career. Whether it’s fulfilling, brings in cash, or commands respect is up to you, but you will have little to complain about.

4. Just above the lips.

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A mole in this spot speaks to your social features. People with this mole are generally seen as friendly and attractive, as well as popular. This also hints at a self-conscious aspect of one’s personality, as people with this mole tend to care about their surroundings more.

5. On the sole of your foot.

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People who have this mole are considered to be those who embrace change. They revel in travel, enjoy different cuisines, and are very communicative. These moles are featured in good leaders, it is thought.

6. On the cheekbone.

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This mole is thought to feature in those with the potential to become strong leaders. People with this mole tend to do well in their work lives, especially in roles of power.

7. On the palm.

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This is a characteristic present in those who prefer stability and never get lost in petty thoughts. Those with this mole have a proclivity toward business and how it works.

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