Do This Exercise For 20 Seconds Each Day And Watch Yourself Get Stronger

Performing the plank exercise on a daily basis can provide huge benefits

Want to get fitter, healthier, stronger? We all do, but many of us simply don’t have the time to spend hours at the gym each day. Here, we’ve found a simple, quick method to help you get in better shape.


The plank exercise is gaining a lot of popularity lately. Pretty much anyone can do it, and it can be very effective in small doses, so you don’t need to worry doing hundreds of reps or hours of training.

A new fitness plan has been developed that involves performing the plank for short periods over a 28-day timeframe. If you follow this plan correctly, you’ll definitely notice some big changes by the end of the month.

The plank is one of the most efficient exercises around and is particularly good at strengthening your core muscles. It can also help with back, leg and upper body muscle development, as well as aiding with weight loss. It’s a great way to gain some stamina and strength, so why not give it a try?

First of all, let’s look at how you should actually perform the plank. There are a few different variants, but this video shows the ideal form:

So, how does this fitness plan work? Well, you just need to follow the timetable below:

Dаy 1      20 seconds

Dаy 2      20 seconds

Dаy 3      30 seconds

Dаy 4      30 seconds

Dаy 5      40 seconds

Dаy 6      Rest

Dаy 7      45 second

Dаy 8      45 seconds

Dаy 9      60 seconds

Dаy 10    60 seconds

Dаy 11    60 seconds

Dаy 12    90 seconds

Dаy 13    Rest

Dаy 14    90 seconds

Dаy 15    90 seconds

Dаy 16    120 seconds

Dаy 17    120 seconds

Dаy 18    150 seconds

Dаy 19     Rest

Dаy 20    150 seconds

Dаy 21    150 seconds

Dаy 22    180 seconds

Dаy 23    180 seconds

Dаy 24    210 seconds

Dаy 25    Rest

Dаy 26    210 seconds

Dаy 27    240 seconds

Dаy 28    As much аs you like or cаn

Within a few days, you’ll notice yourself getting stronger. At first, the plank might be very difficult to hold for even 10 seconds, but over time you’ll find that it becomes much easier as your core muscles start to develop.

Follow the plan and watch your body transform for the better! Be sure to SHARE this article so other people can test out the plank for themselves.