Did You Know Rubik’s Cube Cakes Are An Awesome New Trend? The Only Problem- They're Too Gorgeous To Eat!

Once you see these, you’ll be pre-ordering one for your next birthday!

If you’re super serious about pastries, then you probably heard of France’s famous chef, Cédric Grolet, who is, according to Relais’ Dessert association, the absolute best pastry connoisseur of 2016.

If you never heard his name, however, there’s just no better time to find out more about Cédric’s amazing work than by taking a look at his awesome tribute to that famous little puzzle, the Rubik’s Cube. He invented the most perfect creation based on its structure, and named it the Rubik’s Cake!

As you’ll find out from the photos below, the incredible variety of geometrical shapes has become a huge and ongoing theme in most of Cédric’s edible pieces of art. From the Rubik’s cakes all the way to flower muffins perfect to the millimeter, this master of French food proves once again why he’s the best in his business.

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1. Just Perfection!

Cedric Grolet Report

2. Incredible, huh?

Cedric Grolet Report

3. This gold tower looks ridiculously tasty…

Cedric Grolet Report