Delivery Man Gets Shocking Note on His Order, Take a Look at What it Was!

“Good to see my customers making use of the ‘add comments’ section.”

If you’ve ever worked as a delivery driver you may have seen some crazy stuff, but every once in a while you might even get the opportunity to help someone out, just like this guy did…


One restaurant in Belfast, Northern Ireland got an order for a food delivery, but with an odd request. The driver for Feeley’s Chippy read the receipt for the order and couldn’t believe his eyes. It read:

“Will you please stop in Spar on the way and get me Benylin cold and flu tablets and I’ll give you the money, only ordering food so I can get the tablets. I’m dying sick xx,” wrote a woman, Fiona Cuffe.

The shop’s owner was amused by the unlikely request, so much so that he posted a picture of the note on Facebook.

“Good to see my customers making use of the ‘add comments’ section,” he said of the note.

After he shared the original note photo, he went on to share another one: a picture of the box of medicine the customer requested, as the delivery driver managed to grab it for her.

“Only the best service here at Feeleys; P.S. get well soon,” he wrote on the shop’s Facebook page.

The owner went as far as to offer the poor woman a free meal when she recovered from her sickness. Now that is some good service!

“Yous are wee angels,” she replied to their post on Facebook.

In times when society seems more chaotic than ever, it’s refreshing to see love and care still held by people in communities such as this. Even something as simple as getting some cold medication for someone can make a huge difference in a person’s day!

Take a look at the note below:

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