Death Row Murderer Uses Last Words To Quote Movie And Insult Witnesses After 5500-Calorie Meal

He quoted a line from the 1967 classic “Cool Hand Luke” before insulting witnesses.

JW Ledford Jnr, who requested his death sentence to be issued by a firing squad but was denied, was given the lethal injection on Wednesday at the Jackson state prison. 


Strapped down with a gurney, the killer gave an eerie smile to executioners as he quoted a line from Cool Hand Luke, a Paul Newman classic prison movie. Among his final words, Ledford Jnr told those witnessing his death sentence to, ‘kiss my white trash a**’.

When customarily asked if Ledford would like to express any last words, he quoted the Oscar award winning movie which told the story of a rebel inmate who refused to abide by prison rules.

Ledford replied: “What we have here is a failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach.”

“I am not the failure. You are the failure to communicate.”

Grinning, he finished by saying: “You can kiss my white trash a**.”

Last Meal

Ledford’s last meal request made headlines when he ordered a 5,000-calorie meal while awaiting his final sentence of death row at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison based in Jackson, Georgia.

The massive last meal included an order of filet mignon topped with pepper-jack and bacon, a side of large fries, pork chops, ten chicken tenders, and one blooming onion.

For desert, Ledford requested vanilla and sherbet ice cream, pecan pie, followed by the popular soda beverage, Sprite.

Not long after 1:30 am, Wednesday, the Georgia’s Office of the Attorney General released an official statement announcing: “The lawfully ordered execution of J.W. Ledford, Jr. for the 1991 murder of Dr. Harry Buchanan Johnston, Jr. was carried out today at 1.17am at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Center in Jackson, Georgia”.

“The sentence was carried out after the United States Supreme Court denied Ledford’s request for a stay of execution.”

Ledford’s execution was held under the premise of Dr. Johnston Jnr’s 1992 murder in which he was stabbed to death within the Murray County area in Georgia.