Dash Cam Footage Captures The Horrifying Moment A Sedan Cuts Off A Massive Truck

It’s a miracle the terrifying chain of events didn’t lead to any injuries or deaths. 

A trucker was driving down the I-95 near Richmond, Virginia, when he was suddenly cut off by a sedan, putting everyone’s lives at risk.


As soon as the car moved into the lane, the driver bizarrely slammed on the breaks, forcing the trucker to take desperate action to avoid a fatal situation. The trucker was able to hurriedly swerve away, pulling towards the side of the road. As he was moving away from the sedan, he realised that there was another truck to his left that he was heading right towards. He slammed his breaks, but the panic was enough to lead the second truck off the road, where it narrowly avoided a complete wreck. 


Whatever caused this terrifying chain of events, it’s a solid reminder of why we need to be 100% focused and aware of our surroundings when we’re behind the wheel. Even if you think you’re an incredible driver, you can’t control what’s happening outside of your car.