Dads Who Out Dadded Themselves

Dads, the heroes the internet needs but doesn’t deserve

Tumblr | kirstynhippe

Batman is the hero Gotham deserves but not the one it needs, Dads are the heroes the Internet needs but not the ones it deserves.

Dads are the gift to the Internet. Dads go viral these days for so many different reasons, sometimes it’s their dad jokes and other times it’s their dad clothes. It’s fair to say they can be funny even when they don’t mean to. To help embrace the nature of the dad here are some of the most dad things on the Internet.

This is a classic dad joke to start off.

Imgur | UhBell

The most natural way to style your hair.

Twitter | @yagirlbrianna_

Dads are prepared for any situation just like Batman.

…It’s just so dark in here

reddit | 123Reddit123

Everyone loves a good dad pun.

Imgur | UhBell

When dad tries to clean the toilet.

Tumblr | tenthousand-rectums

Dad’s always stealing your spotlight.

Tumblr | kirstynhippe

When they get the recognition they deserve, even if it’s not from their own kids.

She definitely regretted posting that pic!

Tumblr | kirstynhippe

Brutal. That is all that can be said.

Twitter | @gracielacey107

They always know how to make you feel loved.

Twitter | @realaricabrera

When their dad jokes make it into the office.


They can be very creative at times.

Tumblr | because-edmund

Dads have a sixth sense about what can be made into a lame joke.

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Making fun of you will never not be a source of amusement for him.

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Why all dads should have SnapChat.

reddit | AranACC

At least he isn’t charging for ketchup.

Twitter | kaley_marquez

When you don’t idolize him enough, so he dresses up as one of your idols.

Instagram | @wannamakeyoudiefromlaughing

Another classic dad joke.