Dad Transforms Kids' Cars Into Mad Max Style Contraptions

Coolest. Dad. Ever.

California native Ian Pfaff is a father who cares a lot about his children. You can totally tell, given the way he transformed his kids’ toy cars into something else.

The Little Tykes Cozy Coupes had no idea what they were in for when Ian gave them a makeover. His materials were anything he could find, ranging from an espresso machine to computer parts. The hours of work finally bore fruit as he finished the badass rides. Ian’s kids definitely have the coolest dad in the world.

Ian Pfaff gave his kids the ultimate gift as he transformed their toy cars into Mad Max type vehicles.

Taking his inspiration from the newest installment Mad Max: Fury Road, the father took all the parts he could.

These parts included stuff from an espresso machine and even computer junk.

Emily, Ian’s wife, made matching outfits that go with the kids’ new rides.

The outcome?

Two ridiculously cool Mad Max cars.

These could easily blend into the set of the movie.

Well done, Ian.

Take a gander at this wheel.

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