Dad Takes DNA Test To Find Out He's The Father, But Something Doesn't Match

Family welcomes twins, only to find that something seems off…

Chad immediately fell in love with Vena when he first met her. Things moved fast and soon Vena was expecting twins.

Chad had other sons from earlier relationships, but he was especially happy because this would be his first daughter. However, after they were born the family members started noticing something.

Apparently the twins had features resembling one of Vena’s ex-boyfriends. She admitted to having had an affair, leaving Chad heartbroken. He brought Vena to Maury for a Paternity test.

He knew he would love the twins regardless of who their biological father was, but he was plagued by fears that their biological father would take the children away from them. He was even more afraid that he wouldn’t be able to recover from Vena’s affair.

Vena was truly sorry and crushed about the whole affair, however nothing could be done about it. When the results finally came in, Chad was ecstatic to find that he was, after all, the father of his son.

However, upon reading the paternity results it was found that he wasn’t the father of the girl twin. Both Vena and Chad were crushed.

This is rare. However, it is possible for fraternal twins to be born out of two fathers if the mother is inseminated by two men within a short span of time. We don’t know about whether the couple will make it through, but they’re both determined to be the best parents to both their children.

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