Dad Opens A Box, Pulls Out A Onesie, And Starts To Cry

This gender reveal will certainly warm your heart…

Gender reveal videos are becoming pretty popular lately, with dozens of news ones popping up all over the internet each and every day. With each gender reveal comes a heartwarming moment that can be cherished by all who see it.


Giving birth to a baby is one of the most magical things one ever experiences. The sheer joy and honor that a woman has when she tells her husband is unparalleled.

A baby means that your family starts growing. And while it’s a blessing regardless of the gender, it doesn’t hurt to know what color to paint the nursery.

There are some parents who choose not to find out and instead opt for gender-neutral color schemes. However, this couple simply couldn’t wait to learn whether they’d be having a boy or a girl.

Britney Grdina and her husband were already the parents to two beautiful boys when they got the news that they were expecting another child.

The video starts with the husband hoping out loud that it’s a girl this time. Of course, Britney knows the truth, but she opts to keep silent.

As dad gets the box open, he finds a onesie inside. This immediately makes him tear up, which makes his adorable eldest son start crying too! Seeing his wish come true overwhelms the dad with emotions.

The Grdina family is certainly going to have their hands full now!

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