Dad Of Two Gives Honest Unicorn Frappuccino Review

It looks so cool!

Starbucks always knows exactly how to attract customers. They started with the Pumpkin Spice Latte storm and now there is another brewing. The company’s latest creation is a mix of vivid colors and intoxicating flavors!

A father of two was really perplexed by the craze the new drink was causing.

So he decided to check it for himself. After entering his local Starbucks, he proceeded to order one of these weird drinks.

Liz Beddall | Metro

Here are his Unicorn fraps ready to go.


Here are two hilarious pictures of him holding the drink out and proud.

The one on the right was taken after he got the head-to-toe look by another male patron.


As he himself noticed, the drink is not short on pretty colors and sparkles.


Here are his first sips!


What really shocked him was the dominant mango taste of the drink. This is in paradox with its berry-like colors.


This is him looking extremely impressed with the new creation!


How he honestly felt after drinking more than half of it!


He did, however, find it to be quite heavy.


He also didn’t like that the baristas spelled his name wrong!

But that’s the great thing about Starbucks baristas!


His verdict, however, is a resounding yes!

Just look at how pretty that is!

Twitter | @WISN_Tim

This is his unicorn score for the drink as well! Starbucks has successfully managed to win this dad over!


He is not the only one, though!

“Yes it’s a person with a selfie stick, in a #Unicorn mask, drinking a @starbucks unicorn frappuccino – this the most Internety thing on the internet this morning!” they wrote.

Instagram | @glindsey1003

There’s even been the advent of ridiculous memes!

Instagram | @heatherisabeast

People simply LOVE it!

“Just as magical as I hoped! #delicious” wrote @leahdawnweedon.

Instagram | @leahdawnweedon

Here is the most normal picture of a person with it that we could find!

Instagram | @angieducker

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