Dad Dies And Leaves His Wife And 6 Kids Behind, So This Charity Decided To Do Something To Help

They came home to find out that their house looked completely different.

Estelle Barnes-Summers, a wife and mother of six, had made plans with her husband to buy an old house in Michigan and transform it into the beautiful home their family longed for. Halfway through the renovations, her husband was tragically shot and passed away…

Estelle suddenly found herself alone at age thirty-three as a single parent of six in addition to being a grieving widow.

To top it all off, their plans for the perfect home was no where near finished and remained completely inhabitable. Estelle and the children were distraught, feeling they had lost all sense of security and stability let alone a roof over their heads.

In January 2017, nine months later, the family was approached by Fox 2 in collaboration with Yatooma Foundation for the Kids. They wanted to share Estelle and her family’s story with the world.

After learning about their heartbreaking story, countless volunteers took to action and worked together for a total of approximately two-thousand hours of hard work.

All Estelle truly wished for her family was their own space they could call home. But when they entered the newly refurbished house, Estelle was blown away.

“Oh my God, I feel like I’m dreaming,” she exclaimed during the final reveal. “It doesn’t feel real.”

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