Cyclone Whisks Up Shark And Throws Him On A Street

Well, that’s something you don’t see every day.

A bull shark nearing 5 feet in length was stranded on a road after a storm and subsequently got stuck in a puddle.

Twitter: @QldFES

The shark was found by an emergency crew on the streets after Cyclone ‘Debbie’ passed through.

Twitter: @QldFES

Photos of the shark were shared on the internet in an attempt to warn people about the dangers of swimming in flooded water.

“Think it’s safe to go back in the water? Think again! A bull shark washed up in Ayr. Stay out of floodwater,” the agency wrote.

Sadly, the shark died soon after.

Many people sympathized with the regal beast.

Others did not.

Whilst others made jokes we all should have seen coming.

“Sharknado it’s TRUE and it’s NOW! We always knew!”

But this one still gets me.

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