Cute Pet Sheep Acts Like A Dog And Performs Amazing Tricks

This is all kinds of cute!

Most of the human population is infatuated with dogs and cats, but this bundle of wool gives them a run for their money with his antics. Sure, cats and dogs are the kings and queens of domestic camaraderie, but we tend to forget how darn cute other animals can be.


Farm animals are often pigeonholed as providers of eggs or wool or milk, but this sheep is breaking down barriers.

Every animal has a certain allure to them. Horses have a quiet solemn majesty to them and cows have a certain docile goofiness to them.

Little sheep are the cream of the proverbial farm animal crop however, with their playful antics and their diminutive size.

If you are still not on board, this woolly rascal might just change your mind.

Marley is shown in the video posted by her owner, Jane Bayliss, doing a few tricks.

There’s something odd about the video that you immediately realize, just as she does her trick. You think, ‘Wait I thought this was a sheep’.

The truth is that Marley can do the best dog impressions in the world and she looks so graceful doing it, that you have to wonder if this is a dog in a sheep’s skin.

Now tell me you don’t think farm animals aren’t adorable.

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