Creepy Footage Captures Door Slamming On Its Own In Old Morgue

You just want to yell at the screen; “Get out of there!”

This clip looks like a scene from a well-made horror movie, but unfortunately for a pair of security guards on night shift, this was the reality of patrolling a former morgue. 

Skeptic or believer, this will give you chills.

A long eerie corridor in a former morgue. A red door opening and closing on its own in loud, angry bangs. Two Brazilian guards on night shift. They may be armed with guns, but the assumed culprits are already long-dead.

It doesn’t matter if you believe or not, because the sight of the red door slamming in the dark will make a believer out of you. The spookiest thing is when the brave guards approach with their torches, and the banging suddenly stops, and silence ensues.

Check it out for yourself!

We gotta hand it to the guards, we would have turned right around and FLED!


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