Crazy Revenge Ideas By Exes

These exes will make you scared for your life!

Relationships are murky waters. They can go either very well or very badly. No matter how wound up your emotions get and no matter how much drama you may face in your relationship, please do not end up doing something like these people!

This girl sounds scary!

Imgur | Bhart2290

You evil person, you!

reddit | Woodshadow

He didn’t know what else to do with his life savings.

reddit | internetinventor

Revenge is best served cold, I guess?

reddit | omnicidal

That’s too much crazy for one person.

reddit | chitibang

Maybe they have a crazy ex…

reddit | pupperpancakes

Apparently two years is a short time.

Twitter | @Shelbybeth74

The boss is a bit bitter…

reddit | Neemo53

Everything you own…

reddit | lpmark04

He even left a pen on the sink!

reddit | dgmegsta

I half-expected that to be serious…

reddit | georgism



Getting weirder…


I’m beginning to see a pattern emerging…


Now I’m getting creeped out!


Not even going to take this as a joke!

Instagram | @alcohoel


Instagram | @trashyqueen_

I bet that stopped him from walking out on her!

reddit | Hormander

Spent all that effort did you?

reddit | ronlechler

That is so not funny! Okay, a little.


There are no words…

reddit | bdubdubdub

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