Couple With Down Syndrome Are Banned From Kissing At Club, So They Get Engaged On Live TV

Once he pulled out the ring, it was game over. Congrats guys!

Singled out for their noticeable chemistry, Samantha Lochrie and Niki Wyatt were told their public displays of affection were too “inappropriate” for the local social club. That’s when the lovebirds decided to fight back. Getting down on one knee, Niki put a stop to the backlash … all in the name of love.

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Members of the same local youth club, Samantha Lochrie and Niki Wyatt grew to be fast friends. But that wasn’t all fate had in store for the couple!

They shared a spark most people only ever dream of. What was the point in trying to hide it?. As Samantha’s mother, Kim wholeheartedly agreed with the 18-year-olds.

“When I used to go to a youth club you could have a kiss and a cuddle – why should it be any different for them?” she questioned.

Right then and there, Kim decided to open a social club of her own, catering to people with disabilities.


With all the media buzz surrounding the family’s story, Niki, Samantha, and their mothers accepted an invitation to appear on the live ITV show This Morning.