Couple Puts Plants In A Shipping Container, A Few Months Later, They Come Back To A Full-Blown Farm!

What they did was absolutely incredible! Maybe this will be the solution to modern farming?

These days, more people are discovering how important urban farming really is, and have begun making the choice to start a farm of their own, regardless of the size…


One common misconception that prevents people from farming is that they will be needing a huge plot or area of land to grow various types of produce on, however one couple from Arizona is debunking that idea.

Brian and Heather Szymura began using various methods of farming, and all they needed was a shipping container they re-purposed themselves.

The couple now grows multiple types of lettuce as well as five types of kale in one container by utilizing technology known as vertical organic hydroponics, which is just the growing of plants vertically.

Their farming method works amazingly well, and is self-sustaining. It can even be controlled with one button, and uses a lot less water compared to what you would expect- just one shower worth of water is all that’s needed.

The couple are probably some of the first to use this incredible technology, but they didn’t create it all inside their container. A company named Freight Farm make it, and it’s quite expensive.

However if you’re thinking long term, farmers similar to Brian and Heather, who have begun selling their wonderful produce to local businesses and restaurants, will find this a very good investment.

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