Couple Let Family Plan Gender Reveal, Then Are Confused By Rainbow Confetti & Mysterious Note

They weren’t even a little prepared for what fate had in store!

After spending two blissful years together, Chris and Tracy were happy to announce they were expecting a tiny bundle of joy … or so they thought! Put in charge of the gender reveal party, the couple’s family planned a surprise of their own. Filling a black balloon with rainbow-colored confetti, the relatives let the parents-to-be in on a well-kept secret. 

As the entire crew gathered on the front lawn, Chris and Tracy took center stage. The couple figured pink or blue confetti would spew out of the black balloon, letting them know to plan for a baby girl or baby boy. Boy, were they wrong.

After holding their breath for a few moments, they jumped in feet first and popped the balloon. Instead of the pastel-colored confetti they expected, Chris and Tracy were surprised to see every color in the rainbow.

“You got a whole bunch of babies!” one excited family member yelled out after the fact. “Look inside the box!”

Resting on the grass in front of them, the tiny cardboard box held the answer … or so they thought. Inside was nothing but a pile of rocks! Chris and Tracy weren’t any closer to figuring out the puzzle!

“I am so confused,” Chris said with a bewildered look on his face.

Then, the expectant couple notice the second black balloon that had been there all along. This time, they weren’t going to have any questions on the matter.

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