Couple Discover Dead Man's Trunk Of Belongings Hidden Within Attic Walls For 70 Years

They never expected to find this!

Ricardo Bush and his wife simply wanted more usable square footage and some extra storage space, so they decided to do some renovation work. In the end, they got a whole lot more than they bargained for.


The Detroit residents started their home’s ‘facelift project’ in the attic, with plans to work from top to bottom. After hammering through the crumbling drywall and sweeping away the deteriorating insulation, Ricardo Bush was absolutely shocked to stumble upon a secret room. Hidden away within the attic walls of their vintage home was not just one, but two authentic, old-time steamer trunks addressed to one Daniel Kozak.

via Fox News Detroit

Assuming the pieces of luggage contained valuable coins or some sort of rare treasure, Bush had a rush of excitement popping open the trunks. Instead, the man discovered a graveyard of memories. Old and tattered photographs, legal documents and papers, as well as handwritten letters overflowed from their blue and green storage compartments.

Attempting to find the long lost owner of the keepsakes, Bush and his wife enlisted the help of a local news station. Miraculously, the plan worked! Shortly afterwards, a very grateful 70-year-old Kathy Nedaliz-Zakrzewski answered a Facebook message with the link to Bush’s story. Doing so, Kathy found herself staring right back at a decades old photo of her father.

via Fox News Detroit

“I looked at that picture of my father in a uniform and I swear I about fell off my chair. I have the exact same picture of him in uniform and the one in his tuxedo,” the woman explained. 

As it turned out, her family grew up in the very home the Bush family had recently moved into. It came as a shock to everyone to hear her father had buried the family history within the treasured attic walls.

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