Couple Decides To Reveal Big News With A Remix Video

They burst into song with a ‘fresh’ take on a classic TV theme

A couple from Warfield, Berkshire, U.K. thought they’d do something different to reveal secret news to their family. Natalie and Adam Beeches only needed a sonogram, some cute little baby booties, and a song for their situation.


The video posted below shows the couple recording in the car as they create a remix of a song that many readers will remember.

Natalie is pregnant with their first child, who is expected in September of this year. They thought that simply breaking the news was not enough.

“This is our first child,” explained Natalie, who is a PCSO working for Thames Valley Police. “We had to go big and I just wanted to do something a bit different.”

This creativity led to a remix of the very popular and much loved theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, a sitcom from the 90s. The video shows Natalie rapping along to the song without difficulty, even though the lyrics were quite obviously changed.

Through the tap, she tells how she met Adam and what led to their marriage and then, towards the end, they reveal the big news. “Well the time is here, and it won’t be long, ’cause we’re announcing our pregnancy, right here in this song!”

Adam then shows the sonogram of their baby, along with a pair of white new baby booties.

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