Cop Wonders Why This Dog Is Walking Alone. Then He Sees Its Owner Frozen On The Porch.

Scared dog leads police officer to his lifeless owner

A cop named Jeff Gonzalez was driving along when a dog started to bark at him. He knew that something was wrong and decided to follow the animal, but couldn’t believe what he found.


John Boy, a black labrador, was out walking alone one cold, snowy morning in Wisconsin. Police officer Jeff Gonzalez spotted the dog, who immediately started barking and acting very scared and anxious. Gonzalez knew something was up, so he decided to follow John Boy.

The lab started running down the street and Gonzalez chased after him, eventually stopping at a house, where a woman was unconscious on the porch. Her lips were blue and she was wearing nothing but pajamas. Gonzalez thought he’d found a body, but he soon realized that the woman wasn’t dead.

He called for help and got her inside. The woman’s name was Krystal, and it turned out that she had a bad heart condition. Her pet, John Boy, had been running out around the streets searching for someone who could help his owner. It was lucky he found Gonzalez, otherwise Krystal may not have survived much longer.

One of the craziest parts of the story is that John Boy actually had quite a difficult past. He’d been abandoned and found himself at a shelter, where he was adopted and returned by three different families before finally meeting Krystal and settling in at her home. It’s weird that such a wonderful dog could have been rejected so often!

Krystal was rushed to hospital and recovered from her ordeal. After hearing of how her pet had saved her life, this woman couldn’t wait to see John Boy again, as well as meeting the heroic cop who had helped her out.

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