Cop Arrives On Scene, Dispatched To A Suspiciously Noisy Dumpster, Then He Sees The Litter Of 7

Who could do such a thing?

Officer Scott Charleswood was the man dispatched to the scene of a ‘noisy dumpster.’ Upon taking a closer look, he was shocked to find a duffel bag full of brand new baby puppies inside. 


In a terrible act of animal cruelty, someone had tossed the newborn litter of seven into the cold and empty dumpster during a severe ice storm. When Officer Charleswood arrived, the pups were barely alive.

With quick thinking, the heroic cop reached into the trash bin and pulled each newborn to safety. Hoping to comfort and warm the puppies, Charleswood wrapped them in his jacket before a quick ride to the nearest animal hospital.

Thankfully, they are getting the attention and care they deserve before going to their forever homes. Looking to grow his own family that already includes two loving dogs, Officer Charleswood is hoping to rescue one of the pups himself!

We don’t think the animal lover should have to much trouble doing so.

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