Computer Hackers Demanding A Ransom Or Else They'll Release Pirates Of The Caribbean!

Hackers have obtained a copy of the Disney film and they want money!

Film studio Disney stated that hackers have threatened to release their upcoming movie, The Pirates Of The Caribbean unless the filmmakers pay the thieves a ransom!

Johnny Depp at the premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, told ABC employees about the demand at a meeting on Monday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

At the time he did not name what film it was, but the publication Deadline reported it was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Mr. Iger said Disney has no intentions to negotiate with the computer terrorists and they are working with federal investigators to track them down.

He went on to say the internet hackers demanded the ransom to be paid in bitcoin and they would release the film online in 20-minute installments unless they received payment.

This isn’t the first time studios have been threatened with online leaks. Last month, a group of computer hackers uploaded the fifth season of Orange Is New The New Black after Netflix decided not to pay a ransom.

Dead Men Tell No Tales is the fifth movie in the Pirates franchise and will see Johnny Depp back on the big screen as Jack Sparrow alongside Geoffrey Rush, Keira Knightly, and Orlando Bloom.

The move is scheduled to be released in cinemas on the 26th of May.

A security specialist at IT security company ESET, Mark James, said when it comes to anything of value, it will always be potential for crime and theft whether it is physical or digital. If a person wants something and someone has it, then there is a market for it.

At this moment, it is not clear how they got hold of the material.

Analysists are wondering whether or not the hackers managed to get the film through a security breach of Disney’s IT security network or if it a result of human error.

The ransom tactic is popular among criminals lately, just like what has been seen recently with the ransomware attack which caused havoc around the globe.

The truth is that theft is easy money for criminals and people pay money to get their items back whether it be a movie or family photos. In the modern age, digital files are the new family silver.

However, even if you do go with the terrorist’s demands, there is no telling what they might do! You don’t know if they will keep their promise.