Close Call! Deadly Snake Caught On Camera Only Inches Away From Young Toddler

This mother couldn’t believe her eyes when she took a closer look at these pictures…

A parent’s biggest fear is that anything harmful might happen to their children. Regardless of physical or emotional pain, parents will always try to protect their children…

Particularly for younger children, parents have an innate urgency to always be vigilant towards their precious kids and feel its their duty to provide safety and security at such a young age.

Despite one’s good intentions or how hard they try, sometimes the unpredictable can happen.

Bianca Dickinson, a mother of four had a similar experience with her youngest, an adorable girl she named Molly.

During a trip in the Australian outback, Bianca decided to stop and snap some memorable pictures of little Molly when the most shocking thing a mother could imagine happened.

As the wind gusted past, Bianca noticed a strange piece of tree bark fly into the background of the pictures she had taken.

After taking a closer look at the pictures, Bianca felt her heart race when she realized it was actually something extremely alarming.

Check out the pictures she captured just moments before realizing just what it was that slid into their outdoor photo shoot.


Bianca, mother of four, had stopped to take some pictures of her youngest daughter Molly when she was horrified to learn what had slithered a few inches from her daughters feet.

Immediately after realizing the immense danger her daughter might be in, Bianca snatched Molly in her arms bringing her to safety.

It was only after the panic had settled that she realized she had captured the whole scene on camera.

Since sharing her experience on Facebook the photos have gone viral.


Alongside the shocking image, Bianca provided an explanation of what had happened.

OH MY Golly… snakes are on the move!!!

I was out taking a photo of my daughter for Jodie @twinklestardesigns and I thought I saw something move!

It’s really windy here so I thought it was a bit of bark flying from the tree.

Looked up to see this massive brown had just passed my 2 year old.

I can’t believe it didn’t touch her!!!

Once I was home I checked my camera and found this shot.


After the photos were thoroughly analyzed, Molly’s mother learned that she had in fact reacted correctly as this particular snake is extremely deadly.

In accordance with the Australia Zoo, this species of snake is know as the Easter Brown snake, the world’s second most venomous species!


Bianca told the Daily Mail Australia that “the photo still makes me have heart failure.”

We think that reaction is totally normal given the situation!


Little Molly had no idea the type of danger she was actually in, and remains as bubbly and adorable as always.

Her mother however, has been in a panic ever since, to the point where she was barely able to eat or sleep since the incident.

Bianca is finally recovering emotionally with improvement in her appetite levels however after the shock she experienced who could blame her?


How do you think you would have reacted to Bianca and Molly’s experience? Would you have been able to think quick under this type of pressure like her mother?

If you do come across a wild snake, make sure you are prepared by reading these guidelines from Nature Reserve.

  • Never attempt to pick up, kick, or poke a snake even when it seems dead. 
  • Keep away and do not approach.
  • If you’re find yourself several feet from a snake, stand still and wait for its reaction — if the snake is cornered, back off slowly.
  • Always move carefully and slowly, to avoid startling the snake and creating a threat like appearance.
  • If the snake continues to slither pas you,  it will most likely keep going and not attempt strike.
  • If a snake shows signs of rearing up, this is a sign of aggressive body language, so be sure to react with caution.

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