Clever Kitty Devours Yogurt Using A Spoon

When his tongue couldn’t reach the last delicious drops, he had to improvise.

Most would agree that despite their casual attitude to humans, cats are almost as clever as us. Almost. 


Their motives are usually questionable, but a cat on a mission is one with a well thought out plan.

While cats are difficult to train, unlike the ever-loyal canine, it isn’t because they are dumb.

On the contrary, when a feline needs to learn a new trick, it usually learns it very quickly.

This particular clever cat learned to use utensils because it meant getting the last delicious drops of yogurt at the bottom of the container.

The kitty starts by licking around the top of the container but the perimeter eventually becomes too small to stick his entire, hungry face into.

Amazingly, this is when the cat PICKS UP the spoon with his tiny white paw to scoop up the rest of his meal.

This clip begs so many questions. Who taught him to do this? Did he just figure it out on his own? Can cats learnt to roll over and fetch, too?

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