Christmas Was Just Too Much For These 15 People

Do you think you have a little more Christmas spirit than these people??

Kids have no problem getting excited about Christmas. It starts towards the end of October, as the first frosts arrive. The first snow of the season, the feeling of a warm mug of hot cocoa in chilled hands, and the knowledge that Santa will soon be making his way bearing gifts fills children with warmth and excitement. 

However, things start to change as the years go by. Christmas seems more and more like a chore than a joyous holiday. You have to put Christmas lights on the house, you need to go pick out a tree and decorate it. At some dreaded point you’ll have to go to the mall to pick out gifts which you’ll then have to wrap. Don’t even get me started on hosting everyone and making a full Christmas dinner! With this much on the table something has to give. It’s natural, right?  For some people, cutting corners looks like preparing remade food but for the people below, well…. just see for yourself.

1.  Branches on the tree? Totally optional.

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2. When it’s too much work to take the tree out of the box, so you just replace it with a smaller tree.

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3. Christmas lights? Who has the time?

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4. Lazy and proud.

via reddit / Jumbo_Steak

5. It kinda looks like a tree? Right?

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6. As long as the house smells like Christmas, it’s all good.

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7. The dedication it took to pull this off is commendable.

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8. It’s a tree!! What else do you want?!

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9. I mean… at least they put lights on it.

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10. Toilet paper rolls. That’s um, unique.

via Pinterest / Kellie Wilson

11. Minimalistic and chic?

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12. It’s a classic!

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13. This is just brilliant!

You’ll never have to change it out!

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14. Get it? It’s a ginger bread house. Clever!

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15. Protip: Just use what you’ve already got.

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